Nursing Dissertation Writing

Nursing students find dissertation writing as a challenging, boring, exhausting and time consuming job. Nursing dissertation writing requires massive research that should be original and substantial at the same time.

Despite the fact that students have the flexibility and freedom to choose the topic and subject of their dissertation, yet they think that it is hard to develop a result oriented dissertation which would get them at the top. The importance of a well written dissertation lies in the fact that if students fail to submit a successful nursing dissertation, then they will be unable to acquire their degree which will ultimately result in a poor career.

How To Approach Nursing Dissertation – In-Depth Look!

Most students fail to comprehend how to design and complete a dissertation; hence they fail to meet the expected standard. Students ought to adopt a strategy which can help them to create an immaculate dissertation. Hence, they need to figure out an approach to accomplish their goal of achieving a perfect nursing dissertation. Here is an outline to complete a dissertation:

Select your field of interest: Go for the topics that appeals you the most or the one you genuinely enjoyed during your classes. Students need to make sure that they have ample literature to support their ideas.

Choose an approach and a title: What will be your course of action i.e. research methodology and research design. You must decide whether you want to extend a study already carried out or keenly analyse an idea using a particular approach.

Make an outline plan: The general nursing dissertation is structured as follows:

  • Introduction – the complete setup of research study, describing research question and objectives.

  • Literature Review – discussing the published studies critically which support the notion of your study.

  • Methodology – discussing the plan to conduct the research including design, instruments, samples, and validity.

  • Results – presenting the facts collected through data collection.

  • Analysis – discussing the results in support of established research objectives.

  • Conclusion – say what you have achieved and what should be done further; also provide recommendations.

Start a list of sources: Wisely choose the sources from where you will extract all the information including complete name of the books, medical journals, articles, publications etc.

Review and adjust your plan as you go: Sometimes the best plan can be a mess. As you are structuring your dissertation the direction of your initial plan may shift. You may adjust your title section, heading, and the content as per your requirements.

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